Personal Storage


With the latest security systems put in place, Store-11 offers safe and secure storage for your valuable items. So whether you need temporary storage while decorating your home, moving to a new place or travelling abroad you can have a peace of mind storing your goods with us!


Here at Store-11, we believe in creating valuable living space. So whether you need space to keep infrequently used items such as winter clothing or sports equipment, we've got a range of spaces to cater to all your needs. You don't need to throw all those collections of toys, sentimental treasures or hobby accessories away and you don't have to let them lie around the house anymore! Store-11 gives you back the space you need in your home, creating room for you and your family to enjoy life as it should be!


Having your personal items in storage doesn't mean they have to be out of reach! Store-11 offers secure individual lockers & self storage units at great value prices. You can move in straight away and take the exact amount of space you need! We bring you the convenience of storage for belongings that you want to keep, but don't need right now. With 24 hour access and hands free NFC security in place, we take the hassle out of self storage and put the space back in your home!